Our Charitable Objectives

The prevention or relief of poverty anywhere in the North of England by providing or assisting in the provision of material items such as food or clothing (but not exclusively), and Outreach practical support to vulnerable individuals, to enable them to improve their lifestyles and be self-sufficient, to show empathy and sympathy to such vulnerable people so they feel valued.

Background of NEH

North East Homeless (NEH) has a strong reliable volunteering group who commit to helping out with the 3 weekly Outreach:

  • Tuesday (Mobile Outreach) meeting at 6:45pm, Park Lane/Civic Centre Car Park, Sunderland
  • Thursday (Static) 7pm start, meeting at 6:45pm at Blue Carpet area (old Oxford), Newcastle
  • Sunday (Static) 7pm start, meeting at 6:45pm outside Lloyds Bank, Grey Street, Newcastle (near Monument) serving a HOT meal for Street Friends.

Unfortunately NEH have to say we are seeing a lot of new faces, and can be helping approx 65 – 90 Street Friends at each outreach session.  This does worry NEH, and are looking into expanding the help that we provide. We are actively looking to put plans in place to help the homeless more, not only by providing food, friendship and advise,  but looking to provide education, addiction support, career opportunities, signposting opportunities, and working closer with other charities.

In light of the awful terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, everyone will have seen the extra security measures that have been put in place, at work and in our cities.  The police have to ensure our streets are safe.  Part of this is clearing our cities, including our Street Friends possessions – there can be no hiding place for explosives etc.

As you can imagine this has caused a lot of upset and concern for our Street Friends, and has put a different demand on NEH services.

We are looking for emergency clothing, rucksacks & tents – something that all possessions can be packed away and carried with individuals. NEH are currently running campaigns for rucksacks and tents.   

If you would like to get involved or have any donation you feel would help our Street Friends please Facebook Message or contact us via email:-  info@northeasthomeless.org.uk