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Fulfilling Lives

Fulfilling Lives aims to improve the support available for people who experience multiple disadvantage, so that individuals are better able to manage their lives.

Multiple disadvantage is defined in this programme as people who experience two or more of homelessness, a record of current or historical offending, substance misuse, and mental ill health.


Steph Mann

Steph is a System Change Practitioner for Fulfilling Lives Newcastle Gateshead.

Steph has been with the programme since August 2014 and works with people across Newcastle and Gateshead who have complex needs, which encompasses drugs/ alcohol, homelessness, offending and mental health issues.

Previously, Steph worked with ex-offenders and victims of domestic abuse and brings lots of experience to the team.

Steph is looking forward to using the new ‘Critical Time Intervention’ model and also becoming involved in further peer research.


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Elliott House, 4 Bentinck Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 6US
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